Cascumpec Bay Oyster Company: From a Local Enterprise to a Global Player, Fueled by Sustainability and Community Support

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Oysters being packaged at the Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co. plant. (Photo credit: Atlantic Chamber of Commerce)


Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co. is a boutique-style oyster company located on Prince Edward Island. As a family-run business, they are committed to growing and packing oysters of the finest quality in a safe and sustainable way. The independent growers associated with the company go the extra mile to produce the highest quality oysters, which their distribution partners can attest to.

“The true essence of our company lies in our collaboration with passionate oyster-lovers who share our dedication to exceptional quality. Together, we have built a distribution network of premium products that we are proud to offer,” said the owner, Martin O’Brien.

Alongside his sister who manages the company with him, Martin has grown the family business from a small enterprise to a major player on the international market. With an expanding distribution network spanning all across North America, Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co. is set to move into Europe in the coming months. “This is a significant milestone for us, and it’s a testament to our unwavering dedication to sustainable cultivation.” said O’Brien. “From day one, we have remained steadfast in our mission to promote and preserve our region’s rich seafood industry.”

Cascumpec Bay in Northwestern PEI offers a pristine network of rivers and bays that are ideal for cultivating numerous oyster varieties. The oysters get their distinct flavour and appearance as a result of a plentiful flow of saltwater from the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This combined with the earthy presence of peat moss in the region gives these oysters the unique taste that has them in demand across the world.

In its commitment to environmentally sustainable operations, O’Brien has installed solar panels in their new processing plant. The company also employs an electric forklift and has future plans for an electric truck. “Being a member of my local chamber has connected me to a wealth of new business resources which have been essential in helping us achieve our goal of sustainable operations.” said O’Brien. “Through these initiatives, we have been able to reduce our electricity costs while simultaneously having a positive impact on the environment.”


New state-of-the-art 100 Kilowatt solar system at the Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co. processing plant. (Photo credit: Atlantic Chamber of Commerce)


Since its inception, Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co. has been an active participant in its local Chamber of Commerce. “As a smaller region, community support is essential for the success of businesses in Prince Edward Island.” said Tammy Reilly-Rix, the CEO of the West Prince Chamber of Commerce. “Our chamber plays a large role in facilitating networking events and fostering local connections among members which help cultivate a supportive business environment,” she said.

Sheri Somerville, the CEO of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, emphasizes the remarkable benefits of joining the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce. “By joining the Chamber of Commerce network, you gain access to an extensive network of business owners in 90 communities across Atlantic Canada.” she said. “The diverse perspectives, knowledge, vast business experience, and support provided by the network have proven to be invaluable to members.”

There have been times when the livelihood and success of Martin’s business have depended on the support from his chamber. The COVID-19 pandemic followed by the devastating effects of Hurricane Fiona were catastrophic for several businesses. O’Brien says he felt very encouraged by the chamber’s advocacy of local businesses during such turbulent times. “The Chamber really provided a unified voice for business owners in the region and ensured that our needs were heard and addressed. From the day-to-day support, networking and marketing opportunities, and other resources for business growth, the chamber has continued to play a critical role in my business operations,” he said.

From a local enterprise that is transforming into a global player, Cascumpec Bay Oyster Co.’s story highlights the potential for growth and success when businesses prioritize quality, sustainability, and collaboration within their community and beyond.

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