Human-Centred Leadership – A New Paradigm: Organizational transformation begins with you

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Over the past two years, leaders have been called upon to be present, capable, and infinitely adaptable. As more organizations embrace human-centred leadership, the practice of putting people first, managers are required to not only lead the people in their organization, but also to lead themselves. Leaders who embrace their own personal growth and development will be best positioned to shift themselves, and their team, to the next phase post pandemic.

Parrill + Co is a performance excellence firm that works with leaders and organizations to realize more of their potential and support transformational change from within.  Amy Parrill, President of the New Brunswick based firm, is in licensed partnership with LMI Canada to deliver world-class organizational and personal development courses.


Amy Parrill, President of Parrill & Co. (Submitted photo)


Supporting a broad portfolio of business professionals and emerging leaders, Amy has worked alongside non-profits, small business owners, large firms and C-suite executives to enhance their leadership practices. Facilitating the Total Leader® solution for organizations provides all levels of leadership the opportunity shift awareness on how behaviours are impacting results and how to shift to a human-centered model.

The Total Leader® program is made up of four key facets, that combined, represent what is needed to lead yourself and other people in the workplace. The four stages of a leader’s development are: Personal Productivity, Personal Leadership, Motivational Leadership, and Strategic Leadership.

Bringing personal productivity practices into focus, allows leaders to recalibrate.  By identifying high pay off activities, leaders can effectively delegate to other members of their team, offer opportunities for growth, and manage time with intention.  It is only when leaders optimize their own performance that they are truly able to increase the performance of others.

Personal leadership is the core of an individual’s character.  It is a quality that is exemplified when a person represents an organization in the outside world or interacts with others in the organization.  By overcoming existing conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs, leaders begin to experience the transformational joy of self motivation as they step into a new level of awareness.

Leaders play a tremendous role within an organization as both a role model and inspirational messenger.  Motivational leadership is the ability to lead and motivate others; unfortunately, many people have not taken intentional time to gain the necessary traits to execute these skills.  In today’s fast-paced job market, high quality motivational leadership can be a deciding factor in whether top employees stay with the company long-term.

Within leadership, and in life, strategic thinking provides the road map to achievement.  Having the language and thought process to shape key strategies, optimize the organizations’ structure and ensure the right people occupy the right roles will translate to Strategic Leadership.

Making change personal, and nurturing paradigm shifts that motivate new behaviours at the individual level, human-centered leaders will continue to be adaptable and purposeful in their mission.  Reset with intention and focus in before focussing out.  Prepare today to be future ready for tomorrow.

– Amy Parrill

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