Inspirational maritime women making waves at the Port of Corner Brook in western Newfoundland

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When great leaders like Madeleine Paquin, CEO and President of LOGISTEC, Jackie Chow, CEO of the Corner Brook Port Corporation and Peggy Lynn Hanlon-Brown, LOGISTEC’s Operations Manager, join forces, they bring their bold vision for the Port of Corner Brook as a key gateway in Canada’s supply chain to reality. Through strong leadership, expertise and determination, this team is making waves.

The Port of Corner Brook connects Newfoundland globally through international trade and tourism, adding significant regional economic benefits through employment generation and access to new global markets while reducing its environmental footprint. In the ripple effect, it is safe to say that the Port of Corner Brook is bustling, with record volumes of cargo last year, handled expertly by a dedicated and skilled labour force, many of whom are proud Newfoundlanders and grew up in the area. The Port of Corner Brook and the community are also celebrating the exciting return of the cruise industry. Following a record 2022 cruise season, the Port of Corner Brook is on track to welcome 32 cruise ship calls which is a significant increase. The Port of Corner Brook is a key economic driver for the region, contributing more than $8.6 million regionally.



“It is critical for ports to keep pace and adapt to global change. The Corner Brook Port Corporation has continued to demonstrate its adaptability and drive for long-term sustainability by accomplishing significant projects like establishing the new international container service, which yields considerable economic benefits for the province. Collaborating with key stakeholders and building strong relationships with partners such as LOGISTEC is critical to our long-term success.” Jackie Chow, CEO, Corner Brook Port Corporation.

A unique alliance like the one between LOGISTEC and the Corner Brook Port Corporation and our customers can only be fueled by a determined leadership team and the dedication of local experts to “get it done.” Investing in infrastructure and focusing on operational excellence and its people has allowed LOGISTEC to streamline their operations at the Port of Corner Brook fully. Moving forward, LOGISTEC and the Corner Brook Port Corporation will look for ways to grow its import business and develop more value-added services in the years to come for a safe and sustainable future.



“We believe strongly in supporting and drawing from the richness of the communities where we operate, and in Corner Brook, we are so pleased to be part of such a vibrant one. When I arrived in Corner Brook as part of the LOGISTEC team, I knew we were onto something in our partnership with the Port. As Operations Manager, I’ve had the great fortune of working with the best in the industry, the professionals at the Port, and our customers. I am excited to play a role in ensuring that the future generations of supply chain logistics experts on the West Coast of Newfoundland have an opportunity to expand their knowledge, build their careers, support their thriving community, and bring new business to the region.” Peggy Lynn Hanlon-Brown, Operations Manager, LOGISTEC.

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