At Rocket, teamwork makes all the difference in turbulent times

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Teamwork lies at the heart of everything Rocket does. “We look after our employees and team members,” CEO Scott Williams says. “Because of that, they go the extra mile. They feel appreciated, and so they want to look after our clients.”

It’s a corporate philosophy that ties directly to the printing, finishing and fulfillment, direct mail, and multichannel marketing company’s origin story. “We began 16 years ago in Fredericton as the first print start-up in our industry and in Atlantic Canada in over 25 years,” Williams says. “When we acquired Bounty Print in Halifax, we knew we had an unbeatable team in the making.” 

That purchase in 2019 would have been risky at the best of times, but when COVID-19 hit, it might have been the beginning of the end. Marshalling the expertise the two once-independent operations had on hand proved not only a life saver; it was a clear and present reminder of just how invaluable good people are when they work together to succeed despite the odds.”

“We’ve learned a lot about ourselves over the past year,” Williams says. “COVID forced us to make some pretty radical changes and to adopt some new technologies quicker than we would normally be used to. And I think we’ve understood that we have the team and the resources in place to do that and do it well.” 

 Facing the future thanks to the foresight of its 70-member team, Rocket is, among other things, certified through organizations like Bullfrog, Two Sides, and Rainforest Alliance (FSC® certification) to maintain its environmental accountability and commitment.

Says Williams: “We engage our employees to know what their interests in the community are. So, we participate actively through sports teams, or the arts and culture, or schools. It’s something that makes all of us proud. Everything that we do really does circle back to our team members.” •

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