Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers 2021

Posted on January 07, 2021 | Atlantic Business Magazine | 0 Comments

There are fewer companies on this year’s list of Atlantic Canada’s Top Employers than there were in 2019—and that was expected, says Anthony Meehan. Meehan is the founder and president of Mediacorp Canada Inc., the company which researches and selects the Atlantic Canada Top Employer honourees, as well as Canada’s Top 100 Employers—now in its 20th year.

“Covid has been a challenge for everyone. We knew people were focused on pivoting their business so it was no surprise when we received just over 1,000 applications. That’s a lower number than in previous years.”

What was unexpected was what this year’s list revealed. “We thought we’d see a lot of layoffs and cutbacks,” says Meehan. “Instead, we saw this great investment in corporate social responsibility and community. Employers are giving back more than ever. Emera, for example, boosted its Dollars for Doers initiative.” They now donate $20 for every hour an employee volunteers, to a maximum of $600 per employee per year.

Another trend that became apparent during the Top Employer selection process was the increased attention on the mental health and well-being of staff. Not only is there a continuing worry about personal health and safety due to Covid, but people have had to learn to cope, very quickly, with myriad stressors: working from home, social isolation, child care, elder care and more.

In response, Meehan says, “Irving and others ratcheted up their health benefit initiatives. At $1,800 a year, PAL has one of the best subsidies for mental health consultations and awareness. And many Top Employers helped staff set up their remote work spaces.”

What does it mean to be a Top Employer during a pandemic? Ultimately, says Meehan, employers with a broader view of community are always better places to work. “Top Employers understand that their ability to operate depends on the health of their community. They are strong now and they will only grow stronger as the economy recovers.”

Here are Atlantic Canada’s top employers for 2020:

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