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Posted on March 08, 2020 | Atlantic Business Magazine | 0 Comments

Amid the myriad “What ifs” travelers face as they’re about to embark, few escape the attention of one of the most trusted brands in Canada—CAA Travel Insurance, a unique Member-focused insurance company.

“We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive and affordable travel insurance products and services of their kind in Canada, tailored to meet the real needs of travelers,” says Gary Howard, Sr. Vice President of Marketing and Communications of CAA Atlantic. “We always plan for the unplanned and expect the unexpected.”

What if you’re on vacation in the United States and you accidentally slip and fall on a wet rock and are rushed to a local hospital for treatment? Don’t worry. CAA’s Travel Medical Insurance is there for you.

It cares for travelers and their loved ones in the event of medical emergencies as they travel outside their home provinces. This includes: Emergency medical coverage up to $5 million (CAD); emergency dental expenses; vehicle return; family transportation; medical repatriation; and the escort and return of insured children.

What if a bad snowstorm caused you to miss your connecting flight? CAA’s Trip Cancellation or Interruption Plan can offset the cost of meals, accommodations, taxis, vehicle rental, and air travel to the next stop on your trip or back home. This plan allows travelers to continue their adventure without missing a beat. It can even help recover travel costs—flights, hotel, or car rental, and those associated with Airbnb and similar services—if a trip needs to be cancelled before departure.

What’s more, Howard says, “We offer a wide variety of additional coverage options for the occasional traveler, the frequent traveler, and the traveler who wants to keep going a little bit longer.”

Single trip and multi-trip insurance is available depending on what’s needed. Moreover, unique to CAA Insurance, is the pre-existing condition rider.

Plus, those new to Canada—or temporarily visiting Canada for study, work, or play—can opt for Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance for emergency medical protection options according to their comfort level.

What if? Relax. CAA Travel Insurance has you covered. •

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