Something powerful happens when a company experiences chaos

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Sascha Boulet-Devost, Founder, PhysioFirst and Capture Therapeutics


Decisions made by leaders and companies reflect their real values. When things get tough, where does the money, time and energy get spent? That’s the stuff leadership is made of.

Sascha Boulet-Devost started PhysioFirst and now Capture Therapeutics in Grand Falls, NB with just one other staff. She now leads a multidisciplinary health team operating in three rural locations, soon to be four, with over 40 visionary staff members.

Sascha says, “Our collective mission has always been to bridge the gap to rehab. We exist to make healthcare accessible for anyone and our promise is that when you schedule an appointment with our team, you will be Seen. Heard. and Understood.”

From the beginning, the company has grown rapidly, and that kind of success comes with challenges. Before March, the company was committed to launching a new location and creating employment opportunities.

In a single afternoon, everything changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought fear and uncertainty to everyone, and access to care was cutoff in an instant.

“It was an afternoon we won’t forget for years to come,” says Sascha. “Our team adjusted quickly to the rhythm of the fight. First we committed to safety, secondly to maintain our promise of delivering accessible care, and lastly we focused on adapting to survive and advocating for all.”

Among many initiatives to pivot, the Capture team made sacrifices to stay together, produced hand sanitizer, started seeing patients virtually, and created a distribution branch to deliver products to patients. Sascha says, “We believe our team can and should utilize innovative ways to deliver therapy and communicate with our patients to both rural and urban centers. We set out to limit pharmacology, support mental health, and decrease the burden on the healthcare system, and we’ve achieved that.”

The pandemic encouraged the acceptance of technology. Prior to the pandemic, Capture Therapeutics had planned for a better solution for virtual consultation that would be timely and successful in delivering pain relief and preventative care. The team accelerated this plan to leverage existing technologies to continue to deliver that commitment. The company built its own proprietary platform that was user-friendly. This initiative proved beneficial to patients, with many opting to continue with virtual care when the doors reopened.

Sascha says, “One of our values is advocating. During the pandemic we became advocates by communicating with government bodies, regulatory bodies, the public, and establishing policies that allowed a rapid return to service for our patients.”

Capture Therapeutics met the COVID-19 challenge head-on with a combination of transparent leadership, ordering PPEs and inventory in advance when the pandemic hit China, an astounding team willing to make sacrifices, and their shared passion to deliver accessible care.

Sascha says, “We built Capture on ten values, but our WHY is Accessibility – whether it be for our patients or the perks we offer our employees. We remove barriers, erase waitlists and provide extended hours. Online booking and our platform provide access anywhere from any device in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI. Newfoundland we are determined to serve you – we are working with your regulatory bodies.”

After the launch of the virtual service, the response was immediate. Sascha says, “We all need more time – saving the commute, the administrative time, and the time waiting on a therapist is a valuable offering virtual therapy can deliver – busy moms, executives, no matter the situation, time is usually the limiting factor for many of us. In a few simple mouse clicks, you eliminate the commute and the waiting room; you gain a professional team determined to make you feel better, move better, and be better; and you can do all of this in the comfort of your office or in your pyjamas from home.”

About Capture Therapeutics

At Capture Therapeutics, we are bridging the “cracks” in the healthcare system and making rehab accessible to everyone. Our commitment is to create a space where our patients feel Seen. Heard, and Understood as we meet their treatment needs. The Capture team serves clients in person in Grand Falls and Carleton County NB, and online in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. The company continues to grow its accessibility to rehab, and work to eliminate obstacles in the healthcare system.Anyone can access care by booking a virtual appointment at or calling us at 1-833-U-R-HEARD. If our values fit you as a professional or person – come find us and let’s make opportunities happen.


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