The Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project: Challenge accepted

Posted on May 09, 2024 | By Sandenn Killoran, Manoj Khandavelli, Mylène Lapierre and Monica Rivers | 0 Comments

A message from the youth advisory committee for the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project

As the world continues to adjust to mounting and dynamic market forces, the sheltered existence that both plagued and benefited Atlantic Canadians for centuries is rapidly disappearing. Demographic shifts, increased immigration, housing shortages and the decline of core economic sectors are pushing Atlantic Canadians, especially Atlantic Canadian entrepreneurs, to innovate and adapt. Top 50 CEOs are examples of individuals who have shown initiative and, through their actions, helped advance our region’s economic environment.

Following last year’s silver anniversary of the Top 50 CEO awards and the launch of the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project, Atlantic Business Magazine was inspired to take action that would link emerging leaders with the resources of the Hall of Fame. Working together, they felt, these two groups offered a unique opportunity to effect transformative change within our region.

The initial plan was to invite ambitious young applicants to submit their ideas for projects that could modernize, evolve and innovate the various ecosystems in our region, while tackling barriers to sustainable and equitable growth. The response to that initial call to action was an impressive number of interesting and actionable ideas. It quickly became apparent that narrowing the scope to just one or two initiatives would actually be a disservice to the intent of the program.

It didn’t take long before it was realized that the best vehicle for change would not be a competition of ideas but rather the creation of a charitable micro-investment organization. This organization will invest in youth-driven initiatives that demonstrate sustainable innovation with the potential for profound impact. The goal is to identify, nurture and support projects that have a lasting impact on the region’s communities, economy and overall well-being. Selected initiatives will receive both financial support and mentorship from members of the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project.

Moving forward

Over time, we emerged as the most engaged of the youth applicants and we volunteered to catalyze the best version of this initiative and bring it to fruition. As you can see from our bios on the opposite page, we are a diverse group representing multiple provinces, disciplines and sectors. Our goal is to further develop the processes and mechanisms by which projects are chosen and investments made to action the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project—a project with the potential to literally change the world, beginning here at home.

We will present our strategic plan at this year’s Top 50 CEO Awards luncheon, being held in St. John’s, Newfoundland on May 9. This will be followed up with annual reviews and long-term plans, outlining how these investments will be mobilized and the impact they have. Along with the financial investment made in these respective projects, members of the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project will receive invitations to provide guidance, expertise, invaluable insights and connections to ensure that we achieve these objectives. With their leadership, we believe the Change the World initiative will receive its best chance for success and highest probability for widespread impact.

The Path Forward

Atlantic Business Magazine’s Top 50 CEOs have a long track record of impactful change within their businesses, organizations and communities. By building this vehicle for regional change, we believe their resources and expertise can combine with the optimism and energy of our region’s youth to deliver unprecedented results for Atlantic Canada.

In concrete casting, cement is the glue that holds the aggregate together. When the adhesion is strong and of high quality, you get marvels that last generations, like each of our province’s beautiful legislatures, the Confederation Bridge, Citadel Hill, and other pillars that have withstood the changing times, economic forces and climate.

We are excited to be part of the foundation of what we hope will become another inspiring and historic institution for Atlantic Canadians.

If you’d like to be added to the email list to receive program updates, please email [email protected]

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