Deloitte launches major expansion in New Brunswick

Posted on February 18, 2022 | By Ashley Fitzpatrick | 0 Comments

Deloitte Canada is expected to add as many as 200 full-time positions in New Brunswick over the next five years, as it expands operations.

The company has a Canadian Service Centre based in Quebec, being a hub for “technology, cybersecurity and HR transformation services, including cloud technology, data management and custom development” work. The hub works on projects serving customers at the local to international levels. It announced Thursday its Canadian Service Centre is expanding, with the new positions and functions being established in New Brunswick.

Deloitte has about 150 people based in that province now but expects 150 to 200 additional technology and consultant hires in the province over the next five years tied specifically to the expansion.


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The company’s managing partner for Atlantic Canada, Sheri Penner, told Atlantic Business Magazine the decision and ongoing investment amounts to a vote of confidence and win for all professionals interested in living and working in the region. “I think it’s an excellent nod to the region in terms of being seen as a place where you can put these kinds of resources and grow,” she said.

“We have had success in Atlantic (region) because the people are accessible, skilled, they’re easy to work with. We constantly have good results coming out of Atlantic and we knew that we could continue that,” she said.

The expansion is being supported by the Government of New Brunswick, through Opportunities New Brunswick, with Deloitte eligible for a payroll rebate of up to $1.9 million over five years. The province estimates a related, direct impact on GDP of $52.4 million. Penner said the rebate was a factor in New Brunswick’s selection as the expansion location but that it was also just one element on a list of things that tipped the scales. Specifically, the quality of the province’s post-secondary programs, level of bilingualism, cost of living and overall access to talent were also factors in the expansion coming to New Brunswick versus elsewhere in Canada.

“We are thrilled to work with Deloitte and celebrate their commitment to diversity, equality and inclusion for their hires,” said the minister responsible for Opportunities New Brunswick, Arlene Dunn, in a statement following the announcement. “This expansion represents a significant investment by Deloitte into New Brunswick and is a testament to both the strength of New Brunswick’s economy, as well as the talent and innovation within our technology sector.”


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Deloitte already has offices in Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John that will serve any early, new hires. “Those home offices will be their touch down spaces,” Penner said.

As reported in December, the company’s approach to workspace is now being reflected in the design and day-to-day use of its office space. One of the benefits of the company’s “next normal” approach—with staff no longer assigned to square footage and instead moving, booking space and working in different locations as needed and desired (the office at times, but also from home and client spaces)—means the company can hit the ground running on its expansion. The early newcomers will start without any new construction or leasing of new square footage.

“If we have to expand over time based on employee behaviour we will,” Penner added. “But as of right now, we feel we can absorb it by hiring people and offering remote work to the extent that they need it.”

About 20 people from the Montreal CDC office have started on the expansion, and Penner said postings for new hires are going up, with openings for both experienced technology and consulting professionals, and people still early in their careers.

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