Halifax startup raises $200,000 for portable wind turbine

Posted on June 22, 2021 | By Simon R. Smith | 0 Comments

The success of their kickstart campaign means that Cat Adalay and Rachel Carr can start production on Aurea Technologies’ portable wind turbine later this year. (submitted photo)

A Halifax developer of portable renewable energy systems has smashed a fundraising target for its new wind turbine product meant for adventurers.

Aurea Technologies Inc. launched the Kickstarter campaign two weeks ago to fund production of its first consumer product, the Shine Turbine, a portable wind turbine that can fit in a backpack. The campaign, which began June 8, aimed to raise $15,000 but exceeded $100,000 in the first two days. Now, with one day left, the campaign has raised over $200,000.

“Wind is the second-largest producer of clean energy in the world, yet most people don’t have direct access to it,” said Cat Adalay, founder and CEO of Aurea Technologies.

“As a team of outdoor enthusiasts with backgrounds in science and engineering, we set out to create a wind power product that gives users the freedom to produce their own clean energy day or night, rain, cloud, or shine.”

Weighing in at three pounds, the 40-watt turbine is the size of a one litre water bottle and can charge handheld devices directly or store power for later use. With enough battery capacity for four phone charges, Aurea says the Shine Turbine is ideal for multi-day camping trips, car camping, off-grid living, and use during emergencies.

“To live sustainably, we need to rethink the ways in which we create and use energy,” said Rachel Carr, chief marketing officer of Aurea Technologies.

“The simplicity of Shine’s design, two-minute setup, and ability to rapidly generate and store power, does just that. It’s a game-changer in allowing people to access wind energy while away from the electrical grid.”

Aurea says the turbine is “extremely quiet while operating,” generating power in wind speeds from eight to 28 miles per hour and temperatures between zero and 40 degrees Celsius. The turbine is completely self-contained, meaning everything needed for setup, including guy wires, mount, and pegs, is stored inside the device’s body.

The Shine Turbine is production-ready, Aurea says, and is awaiting certification to be manufactured in Canada. The company plans to launch the Shine Turbine across North America later this year.

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