Morgan’s Furniture, a family business for 66 years

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Morgan’s Furniture, a family business for 66 years

By Alexander Chafe

Allan and Maud Morgan outside their family home and business with their three sons Boyd, Doug and Fraser who grew up to start Morgan’s Furniture (Image provided by Morgan’s Furniture, artist: Grant Boland)


Morgan’s Furniture has been serving the Avalon peninsula and beyond for over 60 years from their family-owned and operated store in Bay Roberts, N.L. What started as a joint venture among three brothers continues in very much the same fashion with the second generation.


Familial entrepreneurial drive

Allan Morgan was a true entrepreneur. His first venture was making ointment using his mother’s recipe, which he sold across the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Later settling down with his wife and three boys, he opened a small store next to their family home in Coley’s Point.

Allan’s sons Boyd, Doug and Fraser started their careers in banking and education, however, they soon followed in their father’s footsteps. The three Morgan brothers opened a store in 1957 in Bay Roberts, N.L. Known today as Morgan’s Furniture, the business was officially incorporated as Allan Morgan & Sons, Ltd. to honour their father.


A view inside the Morgan’s Furniture showroom (photo credit: Morgan’s Furniture)


From tackle to tables

In the early days, customers could find a variety of items in the Morgan brothers’ store, including plumbing equipment, furniture, appliances, paint and even fishing tackle. The family also used to buy and restore old cars during slow periods, which were sold out front along with soft-top trailers.

Over time, the business started to focus on furniture and appliances. With a large selection of mid to high-end furniture that’s primarily Canadian-made, Morgan’s Furniture made a name for itself across the province.


A wall of fabric swatches for custom furniture orders (photo credit: Morgan’s Furniture)


All in the family

In 1979, Boyd’s sons Perry and Scott joined the family business and eventually took over. While the store has been renovated over the years, when speaking with Perry about how operations have changed, he commented: “For the most part, Scott and I run the business the same way that it’s been run for 65 years.”

This consistency includes Morgan’s commitment to customer service by offering custom furniture orders. Perry explained that “we’re here to show customers what’s available, so they can fully customize orders based on what’s the right fit for their home and personal taste.” Having developed a reputation for quality furniture at a fair price, Perry says that most of their business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

One major change for the business has been related to technology. In the early 2000s, Morgan’s added a website to showcase some of their product offerings and computerized its store. Gone are the days of mailing handwritten orders to manufacturers for fulfillment; “things were slower back then and are now more instantaneous”, Perry commented.


Morgan’s Furniture store located in Bay Roberts, N.L. (photo credit: Morgan’s Furniture)


Close to home

Today, Morgan’s Furniture continues to operate from Bay Roberts, N.L. Brothers Scott and Perry  Morgan have built a team of nine, which includes Perry’s daughter Megan, who represents the third generation involved in the family business.

Having worked side-by-side with his brother for over 40 years, Perry has fond memories of working at the family business and says: “It’s been a great life. A family business is a different kind of business since your name is part of its reputation and that really means something.”

Staying strong after 66 years and chairs to many more.


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