Devil’s Advocate: Really bad things could easily get unspeakably worse

Posted on May 12, 2023 | By John Risley | 0 Comments


“Putin and his ego need a win, but Ukraine needs to win too if it is to lay down arms. While a war can have two losing sides, it’s much harder to have two winners.”


The world is going through a pretty dangerous time; I’m worried by how easily it could become even more so. Essentially, there are three hotspots with the potential to ignite an escalation of war-like behaviour which will affect the whole world.

The first troubled area is the Middle East and the probability that Iran is on the cusp of making weapons’ grade uranium, thereby acquiring nuclear strike capability. Israel has long made it known it will not tolerate the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran. Making matters worse is that the rule of the Iranian clergy, or Mullahs, is in domestic political trouble. The largely well-educated and peace-minded younger generation are resisting both the strict discipline imposed by the government on personal freedoms (as witnessed by the months of protests and lives lost among the protestors, yet they continue) and the economic costs associated with the sanctions imposed on the country by the west.



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