Where are they now: 2014 Top 50 CEO Hall of Famer Ron Lovett

Posted on January 02, 2023 | By Alec Bruce | 1 Comment


Ron Lovett hiking with his daughter, Margot (Supplied photo)

The rule breaker

Ron Lovett never does what he’s told. What’s this former security company CEO turned podcaster, author and managerial guru rebelling against these days? Whaddaya got?

Ron Lovett is not where he’s supposed to be. “I’m running some errands,” he says from a grocery store. “We’ll just do this on the phone if that’s okay.”

I turn off Google Meet, look at the calendar, check the time, adjust my chair, and grab a better pen, which sits next to the planner my wife got me for Christmas. “Hey man, whatever you like,” I lie. “I’m easy.”

Lovett laughs, “You know what my wife says to me? She says, ‘What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you follow the rules?’ She’s completely right, of course. It’s probably going to take a lot more therapy than I’ve had to date to figure out why.”

On the other hand, he doesn’t sound especially worried.

Not long ago, the Halifax entrepreneur released his second book, Scaling Culture: How to Build and Sustain a Resilient, High-Performing Organization, “a tactical blueprint for aligning your organization and thriving into the future.” That followed his 2018 best-seller, Outrageous Empowerment: The Incredible Story of Giving Employees Their Brains Back, whose cover blurb effused: “Ron went from breaking up brawls at nightclubs to providing personal protection to the world’s biggest A-List celebrities.”


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