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Posted on January 04, 2017 | Atlantic Business Magazine | 0 Comments

New Brunswick entrepreneur shows how you can upcycle your business

Mélanie Paulin
Carte Blanche (N.B.)

Notable achievement: Featured in Here Magazine, Times & Transcript, Acadie Nouvelle, and Radio-Canada

Three years ago, Mélanie Paulin left a career in science to open Carte Blanche, an upcycling boutique and studio in Dieppe.

The shift wasn’t easy. “Everything was new to me,” says Paulin. “I just started out with a passion for being creative, but I had to learn everything else that comes with having a business. At the beginning, one of the biggest challenges for me was getting financing.”

Her business is now so successful that she’s already outgrown her space. Instead of continuing to lease, she’s investing in a property that can house multiple businesses. She started looking at the idea with her husband, who is also a small business owner.

“They were also looking to expand,” says Paulin, referring to her husband’s business, Proactif™ CFO Service. “We thought, why are we both leasing spaces when we could really invest in something and be part of the community that way?”

Two other businesses are now investing in the property as well, and Carte Blanche plans to move in early this year.

Top tips for career success

Trust your instincts
“It’s really about following your own gut feeling. Whenever I haven’t followed it, I’ve regretted it. I think sometimes we doubt ourselves too much.”

Get involved in your community
“Just having that support is a big thing for having your business be successful, plus it makes you feel like you’re a part of something.”

Don’t try to do everything yourself
“If you’re not strong in accounting, find the right person to be there… whatever you have to do to make your team efficient.”

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