Fit for the Queen, Glen Valley Custom Knits has been operating for 35 years

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A workstation for knitting custom orders at Glen Valley Custom Knits (photo credit: Glen Valley Custom Knits)

Nothing beats the coziness of a hand-knitted pair of socks or a woolen sweater during the cold winter months. Using skills learned from a young age, one entrepreneur on Prince Edward Island has operated Glen Valley Custom Knits for over three decades. In the business of selling knitted products, yarn and other knitting supplies, her fine craftsmanship has received the attention of royalty.

Learning the craft

At five years of age, Edith Scott began learning how to hand-knit from her mother with traditional needles and yarn. She was instantly hooked and has been knitting ever since.

In the early ‘70s, Scott was gifted her first knitting machine and soon mastered that craft as well. She explains that a machine allows knitters to work faster and experiment with thinner yarn and techniques that aren’t possible by hand. However, it’s still a manual process. Machines don’t work by themselves; knitters still have to move and twist stitches to create their designs.

Having knitted most of her life, in 1989 Scott was approached about selling knitting machines and yarn. “After thinking it over, I thought ‘Why not’, it fits with my custom knitting”, she commented. This marked the official beginning of her one-woman enterprise.


A custom knitted sweater (photo credit: Glen Valley Custom Knits)

Growing business

Edith Scott first established Glen Valley Custom Knits in a rural area of P.E.I., where she mainly accepted yarn orders by mail. Eventually, she upgraded to a larger studio in Cornwall, which allowed her to display her available stock of yarns and knitting supplies in one place. The more accessible location attracted foot traffic and business grew.

Inside Glen Valley Custom Knits, customers can find coned, balled and skeined yarns in a variety of fibres (bamboo, wool, cotton, etc.), hand-knitting supplies, knitting machines and related accessories. As the name suggests, Scott of course carries knitted wares from head to toe that are all made onsite. She also accepts orders for custom-knitted products and is happy to source supplies upon request if there’s something she doesn’t have in stock.

While Scott continues using the same knitting techniques she learned over 50 years ago, she has modernized some elements of her business. Scott has had a website for a number of years, which has helped expand her reach. She also described a computer program she uses that helps with custom work. After inputting a client’s measurements, the program provides a written pattern for making a garment, which ensures a more accurate design.


Edith Scott, owner of Glen Valley Custom Knits, presenting a knitted shawl to the Duchess of Cornwall on May 20, 2014 (photo credit: Glen Valley Custom Knits)

Royal attention

In 2014, Scott’s work caught the attention of royalty. Before the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (now King Charles III and Queen Camilla), she was asked to knit a mohair shawl for the Duchess. “I was honoured to present it to her”, commented Scott.


A selection of yarns that are available at Glen Valley Custom Knits (photo credit: Glen Valley Custom Knits)

Still knitting

Today, operations continue at Glen Valley Custom Knits in Cornwall, P.E.I. In addition to selling a selection of yarn, knitting supplies and custom work, Scott also provides workshops to teach others to knit and hosts regular meetings of the P.E.I. Knitters Club.

35 years later and still knitting strong.


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