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Posted on August 21, 2014 | Karen A. Moores | 0 Comments

Yesterday I spent the day with my mentor and her team in Halifax, at their head office.

Some of the best conversations I’ve had in business have been while travelling in a car – this is the case for my first in-place meeting with my mentor in Halifax, as she was kind enough to pick me up at the airport and accompany me to their downtown offices.

I’ve learned a great deal from Carole-Ann Miller and her team during the past few months but my mentor wanted to ensure all of my goals for the program were answered even though we have a few months to go in the process.

Carole-Ann offered her Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for 4 hours of financial leadership boot camp based on my question, “What do you think new entrepreneurs need to know about banking, investing and cash raises?”

One of my goals for the program was to learn about banking versus investing. I’m the first to admit my background in finance is weak; learning tips for better business banking and learning just what types of investors to look for at any given point are useful for any entrepreneur.

Spending 25 hours, including a full day, with a top leader from Atlantic Canada is incredibly value.

If you want to consider the value, consider how busy the average Chief Executive Officer is in any firm – if they can make time for you and see value in the process, the value is clearly impactful. CEOs are busy people! Their time is hard to access and through their generosity and own leadership, they are offering you their talent and time. Value beyond measure and a tremendous gift!

Although new entrepreneurs and CEOs may have unique days, there are many similarities and opportunities to experience share experiences, especially across different industries. (I actually love having a mentor not in my direct industry, as it is a chance to talk in an open and unbiased way.)

Carole-Ann asked if I find the process valuable – I do. Mentoring includes learning from others experiences, gaining knowledge in new areas but it is also a chance to an unbiased listener that wants to help you grow. In my case my mentor also helped me overcome my fears of budget sheets, projections and the wonders of finance.

Special thanks to the Maple Trade team for hosting my business for the day – remarkable hospitality and a chance to learn from one of our nation’s best.

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