Nova Scotia ship paint developer wins national award

Posted on June 15, 2021 | By Simon R. Smith | 0 Comments

A Nova Scotia entrepreneur is earning national recognition for his line of sustainable, non-toxic paint products for seafaring vessels.

Marciel Gaier, the cofounder and CTO of Dartmouth-based Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT) was one of five entrepreneurs to be presented with the Mitacs Environmental Entrepreneur Award during a virtual awards ceremony hosted by the national research organization on June 10. The award recognizes the importance of investing in innovation in clean technology to build a greener and more sustainable future.

“I think winning this award … means that what we are doing is really having a positive impact on the industry and society overall,” Gaier said. “[It] sort of reinforced that we are moving the right way.”

GIT’s products are made with graphite nanoparticles, called graphene, a non-toxic alternative to traditional coating products. Graphene is lighter, and has a larger surface area than other raw materials typically used in marine coatings, meaning less is needed for an effective coat. GIT says its products also reduce noise pollution and toxins often emitted by shipping and fishing vessels, which are harmful to marine species.


Marciel Gaier with the Mitacs Environmental Entrepreneur Award


“Our goal is to solve the environmental issues facing the shipping industry but we’re also helping to reduce overall costs at the same time,” Gaier said, adding that GIT’s products also cut drag, allowing ships to travel faster and more efficiently through the water.

Mitacs CEO, John Hepburn expressed the non-profit’s excitement about this year’s award recipients in a news release before the ceremony.

“Supporting innovation is essential to help Canada rebound from the repercussions of the global pandemic,” Hepburn said. “And Mitacs is extremely proud of the remarkable accomplishments achieved by our network of talented entrepreneurs.”

Gaier and cofounder/CEO, Mo AlGermozi started GIT in 2017 and have since hired nine employees with plans to take on five more by the end of the year. •

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