Blackbush Resort revives The Hotel Acadia’s history of 152 years

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The Hotel Acadia, originally called the Lorne Hotel, was constructed in 1872 in Grand Tracadie, P.E.I. (photo credit: Blackbush Beach Resort).

Once a bustling commercial and recreational hub on Prince Edward Island, Grand Tracadie has quietened to a small fishing village and bedroom community for Charlottetown and surrounding areas. Constructed on the harbour over 150 years ago, The Hotel Acadia contributed to the town’s lively era, attracting visitors from near and far. While the hotel has long been lost, a new development in the area aims to revive its spirit.

Early check-in

The Lorne Hotel was built in 1872 by Messrs P. W. and F. W. Hyndman in Grand Tracadie, P.E.I. It’s believed it was renamed The Acadia Hotel in honour of the area’s deep Acadian roots. Able to accommodate up to 95 guests, the resort offered picturesque views of the Tracadie harbour, as well as a variety of amenities including a natural spring, a golf course, walking paths, sailboating, tennis, horseback riding and more. It came under new ownership in 1894.

A brochure promoting the hotel’s eleventh season in 1905 mentioned its reputation for quality cuisine and as a relaxing retreat. Judging from the travel details included in the brochure for those coming from Boston and New York, it appears that The Hotel Acadia regularly attracted guests from the U.S. At this time, room rates were $2 per day or $8-12 per week.


A clip of a news article reporting the fire that destroyed The Hotel Acadia in 1906 (photo credit: The Guardian)


Sadly, in 1906 The Hotel Acadia was destroyed by fire. A news article from The Guardian released the following day reported that the exact cause of the fire was unknown, but everyone escaped without injury. This was the beginning of a quiet period in Grand Tracadie.

Nearly a century later, local entrepreneur Tim Banks began plans in the ‘90s to revive the area with the development of Blackbush Resort.


Blackbush Resort’s seafood restaurant FiN Folk Food (photo credit: Blackbush Beach Resort)

New development

Located on the waterfront adjacent to where The Hotel Acadia once stood, a representative of Blackbush Resort says: “The spirit of a bygone era is being restored. Blackbush represents the largest and most significant investment in Grand Tracadie in many decades. It is intended as a fresh start that will revive the heart of the community and uplift innovative businesses across the Island.”

Plans for the resort include a seafood restaurant and fish market, a hotel, residential houses, vacation cottages and a selection of shops. It will also bring back amenities once part of Hotel Acadia like the freshwater spring, recreational activities, spa services and more.


An image of Blackbush’s The Hotel Acadia scheduled to open in the summer of 2024 (photo credit: Blackbush Beach Resort)

Extended stay

Today, development continues at Blackbush Resort. The resort’s first attraction to open was its seafood restaurant FiN Folk Food in 2021, which will expand to include a fresh fish outlet this year. By this August, Blackbush’s hotel, vacation cottages and spa are also expected to be fully operational. Recognizing the area’s history, Blackbush Resort told Atlantic Business Magazine that it plans to name its hotel The Hotel Acadia.

Restoring anew a history dating back 152 years, The Hotel Acadia receives an extended stay.

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